• Image of The Prefab Messiahs - "Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive" (10 Inch Vinyl / Compact Disc)

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Energized by a shockingly great 30th Anniversary mini-tour—and BURGER Records’ reissue of their early-80s anthology Devolver —wiggy art-punk popsters The Prefab Messiahs have cooked up their first new audio hi-jinks since originally disbanding in 1983(!). Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive is a solid garage-psych-meetspower-pop slam.

The sessions were captured by ace knob-twiddlers Doug Tuttle (ex-MMOSS, now solo on Trouble In Mind) and Jesse Gallagher (recorded Quilt's 1st LP for Mexican Summer). The final mixes were conjured by the band themselves, and Burger's mastering guru Patrick Haight applied the final happy-glaze.

This new batch of songs etches a loose "Siddhartha"-like trajectory—partly inspired by the band's early experiences—of a desperately idealistic journey from suburb to school, forming a band, encountering life’s pratfalls, and finally—battling disillusionment and self-doubt—gaining enough insight to keep dreams alive in a messed up and uncaring world. Dig?

"Weirdoz Everywhere" alternates irresistible garage-blast turnarounds and power-jangle verses; "College Radio" rings out in homage to the medium's embrace of young hopefuls; "Bobb's Psychedelic Car" is a trippy-yet-bracing tip of the hat to their original guide & guru, outsider psych legend Bobb Trimble. The crazy dreams encapsulated here all conspire to live on timelessly, even without the title track’s mischievous prodding. The Prefabs defiantly pick up where they left off and go Way
Beyond, connecting-the-dots to 'THE NOW' for anyone intrigued by their prophetic proto-lo-fi garage-psych-pop sounds!