• Image of Nice Guys/Miami Doritos Splifft 7" (VINYL)


Limited edition (250) color vinyl - fluorescent piss and mixed colors! Shipping and digital download code included!

---Nice Guys---
1. Jamaican Vacation
2. Medical Envy

---Miami Doritos---
1. Price 2 Pay
2. Rush Hour/Pisstake

Did you ever have to take a really big piss? The relief that washes over you. This is the sonic version of that. These four songs. Recorded at the home for wayward children - the Black Lodge in Allston, Massachusetts - the Splifft is a sloppy, demented piece of rock n roll that puts all other slops to shame. Loose, off the wall noise, but beneath all the grit it's anything but garbage. A lotta stuff called garage these days is pristine but hey these four Nice Guys, don't let the name fool you! TOTAL IMMEDIACY. Stacement Boners. You know that girl from the opposite end of the room eyeing you down? You bet your ass, she's got a Price 2 Pay. Kurt knows it. Alex knows it. I hate your face and I like the taste of your body. Fuckin disgrace is right! This Splifft is packed so hard you'll be high for years to cum.

Kurt wasn't lying when he said you have a price to pay. For a measly $8.50, add this baby to your cart!