• Image of Fat Creeps 10" EP (VINYL)


Fat Creeps self-titled EP available physically via KLYAM Records.

Stream: https://soundcloud.com/theklyam/fat-creeps-700-parts

Limited edition color vinyl - white. Coke bottle clear has sold out!

Shipping and digital download code is included.

---Side A---
1. Secrets
2. Horoscope
3. Fooled

---Side B---
1. Leave Her Alone
2. Cherry
3. 700 Parts

Fat Creeps is a Boston based trio featuring Mariam Saleh (vocals/bass), Gracie Jackson (vocals/guitar), and Jim Leonard (drums). Since forming in 2011, they have consistently astonished audiences in the greater Boston area and beyond with their heartfelt and undeniably distinct take on pop music. Mixing '60s surf rock with '90s noise pop, the trio has carved out their own unique sound, which is heavily on display on their debut, self-titled EP.