• Image of Back Pages - Singles 13 (TAPE)


'Singles 13' is the complete collection of 17 year old rock 'n roll whiz kid KC Allen's five solo EPs released over the course of the year 2013. 'Rage teen punk of the Reatard variety. Can't recommend Back Pages enough!

I first heard Back Pages last fall and it couldn’t have hit me at a better time in my life. Let’s rewind, that is to say not the best time in my life. Working shit jobs, literally, longing for the ladies, missing my friends from college, and worrying what will happen next. This tape was/is my elixir. KC has a fire in his belly I simply don’t hear in most other artists. The emotion is real and raw. He records alone in his room, belting out shrieks in that fiery Jay Reatard spirit. Short, simple pop songs with Ty Segall guitar hooks and the Descendents’ angst. It may sound familiar, you may think you’ve heard this before, you may be wrong.

---Side A---
1. Only A Dream
2. Not Where I Belong
3. Go To Bed
4. Break It All Off
5. Never Felt It Again
6. Tonite
7. Darkness Creeps Over

---Side B---
8. Destined To Be Miserable
9. All I Want
10. Broken In Again
11. No
12. Don't Hold My Hand
13. Can't Be Saved
14. See It All Again
15. Don't Need You